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March For Our Lives - Chicago

March 24, 2018

Students demand action for gun control in America sign of one of the marchers
Toddler piggyback on woman holding sign ABC not AR-15s
Hand holding sign Moms Demand Action
Young woman holding up sign I thought you were pro-life
Student holding sign Is My School Next?
March for Our Lives crowd
Girl holding up sign 1,334 Days Until I can vote
Woman holding up sign Not One More
3 students play dead. In background, woman holds sign Enough is Enough
Woman holding sign March For Our Lives
Girl holding sign Books not Bullets
Young man holding sign Hugs not Guns
Black adolescent holding sign Put the Guns Down
Marchers walking down Chicago street.  Above is a Johnny Walker billboard saying Keep Walking Chicago

On March 24, 2018, people gathered in Chicago and in cities all over the United States and even the world for the March For Our Lives to protest against gun violence. This "call to action" has come as a direct result of the mass shooting of 17 students at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last month.  The survivor students have used the power of social media to organize for their cause.

In Chicago, thousands joined the rally in Union Park on the near Southwest side. They displayed creative home-made signs to show their outrage. Young people from high school and colleges spoke to the crowd from the main stage. They denounced not only the mass shootings, but also the violence that occurs on an every day basis in their neighborhoods.  The students expressed themselves with hip hop poetry and song in addition to their passionate speeches.

A cry of "Vote Them Out" rose out of the crowd.  Voting registration was taking place on the sidelines of the gathering.

Kids are not targets sign held my woman