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Santa Clara Polo

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Polo player on horse approaching the ball

Last week, I was in Florida.  I spent one afternoon at the Santa Clara Polo Grounds in Wellington.  Two matches were played back to back. I followed the action as the riders galloped back and forth across the grassy area which was as large as three football fields.  There are scheduled breaks during the game, so that the players can change horses.  

It was a colorful spectacle.  The riders of the first match wore brightly colored shirts which of course delighted me as a photographer.  

Polo is not the easiest sport to photograph. Trying to get good composition at peak action when the players are moving erratically across the field at full gallop is a challenge. Getting the shot is both satisfying and fun.

Polo player on white horse on polo field
Polo players on galloping horses
Polo player with horse at full gallop
Polo players galloping away